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The Costa Blanca is not only a paradise for cyclists, mountain bikers and even mountain climbers but it also has much to offer to hikers.

Hiking enthusiasts can enjoy many scenic trails. Who would not enjoy a great hike through this scenic region breathing in the fresh air of the sea, feel the sun on your back, eat a juicy orange and drink a cold bottle of water?
From Finca Bilou you can easily walk to the village of Aigües, from which various fun hiking trails start. These trails vary in length from 10 km (6.21 miles), 15 km (9.32 miles) and even more.
Of course, you can also first start out with the car before commencing a challenging hiking trail to go elsewhere.
On the link below you will find excellent hiking trails that are available in the vicinity of Finca Bilou: Wikiloc

Of course, we can always help you on your way as well.

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Published 31-03-2021 / Copyright © Finca Bilou